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PARACARDS is about human connection and how our Personal And Relational Awareness facilitates our connection. 

This Awareness includes seeing and understanding our connection as well as our disconnection. We can’t understand connection without also understanding our disconnection. Once we understand human connection and disconnection, we restore our ability to make choices in our lives and move toward the connection each of us ultimately desires. 

PARACARDS is here to awaken our ability to understand ourselves and others, and to move toward the relationships we truly want in our lives and that the world needs.

“I wish I had Paracards in my life about thirty years ago, before my two failed marriages, but heh, it’s not too late, it’s so good to be learning about all these things. I’m so grateful to have it now.”

Are You Interested?

PARACARDS is an invitation to the interested. 

The interested know that deep down, connection is what they really want. 

Connection is when you spend time with another person and feel inspired, heard, understood, engaged, relaxed, respected, welcomed, and desired. We want to feel ourselves as a positive part of another person’s life, and them a part of ours. Connection.

To be in touch or ask to join the PARACARDS NETWORK, please contact us: connect@paracards.com

“I experience so much connection doing this and now I feel so much more hopeful about my life.”

A Big Thanks

We are incredibly grateful to our local and extended community of friends and chosen family who have watched us grow this idea little by little. We can't do it alone. Thank you for being an important part of it! 

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